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Thad on Sports: Soccer just isn’t

NBC news anchor, Brian Williams, in reporting on the U.S. women’s soccer team’s semi final win over France, noted that the win earned the club the top spot on ESPN’s top 10 plays.

He added how this was a sign of the sport’s growing popularity in the U.S. What the television savvy Williams didn’t note was the reason for ESPN’S  choice had everything to do with owning the  television rights to the World Games.

Why is it we have to be inundated with an overzealous clamoring to elevate soccer popularity to a level it just isn’t when the World Games or Olympics come around every few years. It’s existence will go unnoticed after Sunday until the next big set of world games.

I still stand by the motto,  ” Why do kids play soccer? So they don’t have to watch it.”

Soccer has enjoyed growth at the youth level, however, that enthusiasm for playing the sport is not shared by those same players after their playing days have ended

Soccer is not football, is not basketball and is not baseball.

It is not must see television for most U.S. sport fans.

It is here today, come Monday it will gone from our minds and from ESPN’s Top 10 plays for another two years.