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Thad on Sports: Game lacks stars and a commissioner

Emotional and physical stress kept Derek Jeter from starting in and/or attending  the 83rd All Star game.

It is also what took him to Miami Fla.

How does Jeter deal with stress? Kicking back in Miami with actress girlfriend Minka Kelly.

Jeter’s snub of the game is just the exclamation point.

A game, which once featured 13 Hall of Famers in 1967, now has a difficult time gaining the interest of the Bad News Bears.

Bud Selig, the dope that is baseball’s commissioner, had no problem with Derek Jeter being away from the All-Star Game. Says he would have made the same choice in Jeter’s place and that there has been no player over the past 15 years he respects more than Jeter.

This is the same game that was so important to Selig, that the commish decided that winner of the game should decide which league has home field advantage in the World Series.

A game so important that he’s okay with the game’s biggest names choosing not to play in it despite being voted in as a starter.

Sound like a disconnect. Allow me to introduce to you… Bud Selig!