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Baseball’s divisional races 1/2 full of surprises

We’re a weekend away from the start of the All Star break. Have you looked to see who’s leading the divisional races, Yankees, Rangers, White Sox, Pirates, Nationals and the Dodgers.

Are you serious? The Pirates, White Sox and Nationals! All three are playing many games over .500. None of them were expected to do much in 2012. With the possible exception of the Nationals. There are a few who thought Washington might sniff contention,  but I’m not sure they were believing what they were writing.

Most writers had the White Sox penciled in at 72-75 wins. With the pitching of young arms f Chris Sale and Jose Quintana, the Sox may finish closer to 88-90 wins than 75.

Then there’s Pittsburgh, a club that was riding a 20-year losing record streak coming into 2012. Last time the Pirates tasted success were the days of a  “small headed” Barry Bonds. Pittsburgh entered the weekend at 46-36 and riding a five-game winning streak. How are the Pirates doing it? Starting pitching, starting pitching and relief pitching. Pittsburgh also has one of baseball’s most dynamic young baseball talents in Andrew McCutchen.

Baseball, you gotta love it… the season is filled with stories.