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Thad on Sports

It been hard to argue with the belief that when it comes to sports Lowell is all about football and wrestling.

This 2011 spring season, however, may be shedding some light on some other candidates.

Lowell boys’ lacrosse team won a conference title; the girls soccer team’s play has earned it recognition as one of West Michigan’s  top 10 teams; softball boasts one of the top pitchers in the area in Morgan Groom and appears set to make a strong post-season run. The baseball team, ignited by a strong showing over the past four years,  has emerged as one of the top teams in the O-K White.

Yes, none have won state titles yet, but they have all created a buzz. The seeds have been planted. All four programs appear to be set on a solid foundation, from which consistency and winning bloom.

The other key element is coaching. All four boast solid coaches whether it’s  Eric Bredin (lacrosse), Juston Miller (baseball), Bill McElroy (softball) or Dan Ebbutt (girls soccer).

McElroy is in his first year, but spent 10 season working with Bob Rodenhouse (the Red Arrow softball icon). Ebbutt,  new this year to Lowell girls soccer, but has shown himself more than capable of leading a talented group of soccer players. Credit also needs to be given to former coach Paul Legge. It was under his guidance that the program  flourished  and grew into one of the O-K White’s best.

Miller has come in and stabilized a baseball program and has made the Red Arrows a annual force in the White.

Bredin has constructed a lacrosse program that gets better and better with each passing year. This year, culminated in a title.

It leaves me with the feeling that the list of sports that Lowell is all about is growing