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Stouffer enjoying return to Lowell wrestling

Tom Borrelli, Roy Hall, Dave Dean, Gary Rivers,  all provided Bill Stouffer inspiration to coach someday.

When it comes to wrestling, what Stouffer sets his mind to, Stouffer usually  accomplishes.

Following an All-America senior year at Central Michigan University, Stouffer found a teaching job (P.E., Health, History) and an assistant wrestling coaching position at Davison High School under Roy Hall.

Four years later, following the 2009-10 season, budget restraints forced Stouffer out of Davison. When that door closed, however, a door he was very familiar with opened, the three-time Lowell state champion was asked to assist Dave Dean and his Red Arrow wrestling staff.

“Being back in Lowell has been great. I’ve seen a lot of familiar faces that I hadn’t seen in a while,” Stouffer said. “I like coaching. It’s time consuming, if you want to do it right.”

The Lowell grad returned to where he created many wrestling memories, last year as a Davison assistant coach.

The sport has changed since Stouffer’s high school days.

“High school wrestlers are a lot better technically today than when I wrestled,” Stouffer said. “My job as coach is to drill them in practice so they can execute a connection of moves when they are out there wrestling live on the mat.”